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because i said i'd write about it in my livejournal
My body wants a new leader.

I'm on to my 3rd gravveyard shift in a row and my body is seriously struggling to keep up. My sleep patterns are totally messed up and come to think of it, I haven't showered in 24 hours. Woopssy!

So I started at my magazine job the other day. It's interesting to work with people who still think that they're changing the world through journalism. I'm not one of those people anymore. I feel like yelling to these people - "hey! Wakeup! You've been sleeping and the rest of the class is on page 72!" I am never going to get a job at a newspaper. No way. As much as they do make a great placemat for breakfast, it's just not a lucrative industry. Get your finger out of the newspaper pie and enter the twittersphere. Or the blogosphere. Whatever.
My editor is a model. At first, I thought my fellow mag hags were ridiculous. You should have listened to them speaking! Oh Lordy. Not gonna lie, I did laugh infront of them when my editor said the word "journalistic". And I have a fan. Crazy right? My fellow reporter (and the only other reporter) knew like, everything I'd written. It's kind of weird, but also nice to be recognized for my work. Anyways, they're all really nice and I'm super excited. I have my own desk! And computer! And extension line! Woo!

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